Scrapbook: Page 6

Here is the next page in my virtual scrapbook: a round up of the last month’s moments.

What made me smile

  • Starting my new job, completing all my mandatory training, meeting lots of new people, and already having creative direction in the projects!
  • Spending a wonderful week at my boyfriend’s flat in London. We’ve been going strong throughout this tough year, but it was really nice to spend some quality time together!
  • Being nominated for an immensely exciting poetry opportunity – can’t say much more than that, but please cross your fingers for me!
  • Completing my poem for the Poetry of the Shakespeare Line project
  • Getting my first COVID vaccination!

…and the not-so-nice!

  • Having to begin taking lateral flow tests for my new job! Surprisingly, I haven’t had to take a COVID test before now, and it’s grim!
  • Hayfever and insect bites. Why, nature?

What I’m reading

This slim volume is Woodland Essays by Tiffany Francis-Baker – a handful of musing about the oak tree and the qualities attributed to it. It’s a limited edition run, and you can find it here.

In my camera roll

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