I have enjoyed creating art all my life. While writing became more of a focus for me during my university years, the past few years have brought me back to drawing, painting, and crafting. For the most part, my works are inspired by nature, the changing seasons, and the folklore of the land. I enjoy painting in a colourful, whimsical style, and using items from nature when crafting.

A brief portfolio

Animal Portraits

I also enjoy painting in a more realistic style, especially to create animal portraits like the ones below. Birds are my favourite subjects to paint in this style: I love creating the texture of feathers by layering ink on top of watercolour to create highlights and shadows. I have also painted squirrels and butterflies as commissioned pieces.

Seasonal Craft Projects

I have explored and discovered many ways to incorporate nature’s bounty into my craft, and have experimented through the seasons with different methods and processes.

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