underGROWTH: Free Zine!

Since my last post, my zine has returned from the printers, several batches of resin pendants have been made, and around seventy copies of ‘Miniature Worlds’ have been packaged up in biodegradable cellophane and sent out to readers. The wider underGROWTH project has come to a close, and an archive of all of the micro-residencies has gone live online. Here is the final closing chapter on what has been a really enjoyable and fruitful project.

In previous posts, I have taken you on my journey through:

The final outcome of my residency with the underGROWTH project is a zine, titled ‘Miniature Worlds’, which takes a microscope to the hidden ecosystems we might otherwise miss. The print copies of the zine were paired with small resin pendants I made at home, containing moss and lichen collected sustainably from my local countryside. The zines were printed on recycled paper with chemical-free, vegetable-based inks, and packaged in recyclable and biodegradable cellophane.

There are a small number of print copies left, so if you would like one, please do let me know. The zine is free, but I do ask for a small fee to cover post and packaging. ‘Miniature Worlds’ is also available for free download. This can be done through the underGROWTH webpage here. I also recommend you explore the archive further, and find out about some of the other wonderful projects underGROWTH has supported this past year.

Once again, I’d like to thank underGROWTH, George Ttoouli and Lauren Sheerman for inviting me to be a part of this project. It arrived at the perfect time, giving me a chance to learn, grow, and heal through nature and creativity.

underGROWTH is a series of eco-art residencies designed to confront issues relating the Coventry’s environment. It is curated by Lauren Sheerman and George Ttoouli, with The Pod Cafe and allotments in Coventry. Learn more on Twitter at @underGROWTHcov, on Tumblr here, or through The Garden Zine archive, here.

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