Scrapbook: Page 2

Over the course of a year, we gather many things. Photographs in a our camera roll, which don’t reach social media; new memories, knowledge, or lessons, which run the risk of being forgotten.

Here is the next page in my virtual scrapbook: a round up of the week’s moments.

What made me smile

  • Being invited to be a part of an exciting upcoming poetry project – a chance to write again!
  • Seeing new birds while out on walks: bullfinches, a green woodpecker, and lots of wading birds!
  • Watching a tufted duck preening in the water by rolling over onto his back, with a foot in the air!
  • Both my brother and my boyfriend moving and settling into their new flats
  • Capturing foxes on the trail camera set up on our patio
  • Creating lots of new resin pieces, using hand-collected moss and lichen from the local countryside
  • Creating a cosy little office/studio space where I can do my writing and my art

What I’m reading

I’ve only got a couple more stories in this book. While it’s quite a broad overview of the Norse gods, you do come away having learned quite a lot! Full summary coming in my next scrapbook page.

In my camera roll

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