Scrapbook: Page 1

Over the course of a year, we gather many things. Photographs in a our camera roll, which don’t reach social media; new memories, knowledge, or lessons, which run the risk of being forgotten. These things, I hope to collect together into a virtual scrapbook: blog posts which round up the week’s moments.

What made me smile

  • Feeding ducks from my hand at Baddesley Clinton
  • Finding fifteen flints over the fields, on a Mesolithic site
  • Receiving my MA degree certificate in the post
  • Finding a recipe for toffee muffins that I’d thought lost, and making them to share
  • Seeing 31 different species of bird on a local walk, including a new one: a Yellowhammer!
  • Going on a walk through the local woodlands after dark, and hearing a tawny owl and muntjac deer

What I’m reading

In my camera roll

Hear a tawny owl a-hooting!

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