Scrapbook: Page 5 (The Lost Page)

Here is an (overlooked) page for my virtual scrapbook: one I had drafted but forgotten to post! A round up of moments from a month or so ago. Look out for a more up-to-date scrapbook page soon.

What made me smile

  • Having my first couple of weeks back at work, running an event, and feeling like I’m being useful once more
  • A close encounter with a goldcrest and some long-tailed tits – including one without a tail!
  • Receiving a lovely potted rose through the post for Valentine’s day – so sweet that my boyfriend knows I would prefer a living plant than cut flowers ❤
  • Painting in gouache, a new medium for me, and loving the bright colours
  • Seeing a fox in our back garden, not only on the infrared cameras, but also during daylight!
  • Seeing a wild ring-necked parakeet while out on a local walk
  • Reopening my shop, Handmade by Nellie, over on Folksy, and having 8 orders so far!
  • My brother coming home for the weekend

What I’m reading

I went to the (virtual) launch party for this collection on the 14th February, so now I’m enjoying reading and reflecting on the poems.

In my camera roll

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