Scrapbook: Page 4

Here is the next page in my virtual scrapbook: a round up of the last couple of weeks’ moments.

What made me smile

Having my first couple of weeks back at work, running an event, and feeling like I’m being useful once more

A close encounter with a goldcrest and some long-tailed tits – including one without a tail!

Receiving a lovely potted rose through the post for Valentine’s day – so sweet that my boyfriend knows I would prefer a living plant than cut flowers ❤

Painting in gouache, a new medium for me, and loving the bright colours

Seeing a fox in our back garden, not only on the infrared cameras, but also during daylight!

Seeing a wild ring-necked parakeet while out on a local walk

Reopening my shop, Handmade by Nellie, over on Folksy, and having 8 orders so far!

My brother coming home for the weekend

What I’m reading

I went to the (virtual) launch party for this collection on the 14th, so now I’m enjoying reading and reflecting on the poems.

In my camera roll

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