I have enjoyed creating art all my life. I rediscovered my love for fine art and craft this past year, and have launched my own shop, Handmade by Nellie, where I sell greetings cards and other creations. My works are inspired by nature, the changing seasons, and the folklore of the land, and are painted in colourful, whimsical style.

What I sell

I hope to expand my portfolio of designs and list of products in the future.

Animal Portraits

I also enjoy painting in a more realistic style, especially to create animal portraits like the ones below. Birds are my favourite subjects to paint in this style: I love creating the texture of feathers by layering ink on top of watercolour to create highlights and shadows. I have also painted squirrels and butterflies as commissioned pieces.

Seasonal Craft Projects

I have really embraced nature and the changing seasons in my art this year. I have explored and discovered many ways to incorporate nature’s bounty into my craft, and have experimented through the seasons with different methods and processes.

  • Spring 2021: I foraged violets to make a delicious violet syrup, as well as some other herbal concoctions. More here.

  • Winter/Spring 2021: I cast moss and lichen in resin, to create distinctive coasters and ornaments. More here.

  • Winter 2020: I coated pine cones in wax to create natural firelighters, or braskotten. More here.

  • Autumn 2020: I foraged acorns, pine cones, conkers, and more to create seasonal crafts using natures treasures. More here and here.

  • Summer 2020: I picked leaves and printed them onto fabric through the process of hapa zome. More here.

  • Spring 2020: I dried out rose petals and ground them down to create a unique painting pigment. More here.

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